How Great Entrepreneurs Build Their Business And Influence - And Can You Do The Same?

Updated: Sep 17, 2020

This article explains and explores why having a strong brand is crucial in business. If you want to increase your professional opportunities, I will show you why having a strong presence across multiple digital-media channels is a blueprint for success.

The world has dramatically changed, twenty years ago, if you wanted to get discovered as an actor, you would need to move to Hollywood. If you wanted to get ahead in business, you would have to go to business school. And if you wanted to broadcast to millions it wasn’t easy getting a prime-time spot on a network.

The internet and social media have all but destroyed the barriers to success; whether you are an entrepreneur, a performer, or any kind of content producer. Top podcasts are streamed every day but millions. Actors, Artists, and all kinds of creative producers are discovered on YouTube or Instagram. If you are aspiring to be an entrepreneur then realizing the true potential of social media will give you unparalleled opportunities to communicate directly to customers.

A strong online brand is now one of the clearest paths to entrepreneurial success.

Ask a kid today what they want to be when they grow up and you might get the answer “YouTuber. At first, we may think “that’s not a real job” however when you consider the facts you may find that it really is a great career. The explosion of social media is a game-changer. Consider some of the facts:

  • People watch 1.25 billion hours of YouTube a day

  • 66,000 photos are uploaded to Instagram every minute

  • An average person dedicates 20% of their time mobile devices are on Facebook

The scale of such platforms is remarkable, and certainly making money from a personal brand is possible. When you consider that a person with over 1000 followers on Instagram can earn $5000 a year on two posts a week. Not a bad hustle. If you want it the potential to monetize a personal brand is unlimited.

Consider the example of Gary Vaynerchuk, he transformed his $4 million a year business to $60 million by building a strong personal brand. He created a video blog critiquing wine and took the time to answer his customers’ questions on various platforms. Noticed the two key things he did: first, he created a strong online presence; two, he built a one-on-one relationship with his customers.

Build personal and financial success

Building a personal brand offers multiple routes to personal and financial success. Many people have taken a hobby like posting pictures of fun things they like to do but have been able to turn a profit. A friend of mine enjoyed posting pictures of her clothes that she purchased at thrift stores. One day she noticed that other influencers would tag brands on their accounts. So she began to do the same.

After about 10,000 followers she began to charge for a post, now she makes about $1,000 per post. Not bad for something that started off as just a hobby. So as you can see it’s very possible to have a lucrative business by executing on your personal brand.

Seven Principles that matter when building social media content

Think of your business as a house, and like all houses, it requires a strong foundation. A house built on weak foundations will fail, and the same is true of your social media content. So what really matters when it comes to content? Well, when you think about it, it's pretty simple: there are seven principles you will need to consider.

  • Authenticity

  • Passionate

  • Patience

  • Hard work

  • Attention

  • Speed to market

  • Intent

The first is authenticity, that old saying of fake it to you make it, just won’t work when it comes to content. People can always tell when you are faking it, don’t disrespect your audience--be real! You also need to be passionate. Whether for your product, your life, or the process of being an entrepreneur; it is your passion that will keep you going when things get tough. So, find something you are passionate about.

Patience is a virtue, this is so true here. Building a business from the ground up takes time. You just have to accept that. What helps is setting out S.M.A.R.T goals. It is okay to set a time frame on a venture that you are working on, but be smart when it comes to time-frames. Next, you have to put in work--hard work. If you want to crush it, you don’t have time to spend your lunch break watching cat videos or evening sitting on the couch binge on TV. Get on Twitter and make connections, upload a video on YouTube, or post on Instagram. The point is to get to work.

Since we live in a high paced world it is important to pay attention to the world around us. What is going on in the world and how can your content be a part of it. Doing this will keep you relevant. Also, speed to market is important. Early bird gets the worm, so make your content relevant and post it fast.

Finally, you need the right intent. All great entrepreneurs have one thing in common: they are not in it only for the money. Of course, it's a factor but it is not the driving force. All the best social media influencers are altruistic. They are driven by providing services and value and they love teaching and helping others. When your intent is self-interested, customers won’t tell others to buy from you and even scarier if they don’t come back. So center your activities around altruistic values.

Don't worry about creating a content document instead.

The idea of creating engaging content for social media might seem daunting. Sure, he loves sports cars but do you really know enough about them to run a weekly video log on YouTube? The idea behind this is to create content but that can also be done by writing down new experiences. focus on documenting rather than creating if production is becoming a challenge.

People enjoyed going on the journey with you following as you document your progress and watching and learning from you. So rather than stressing about how to create unique and creative content, embrace the possibility that you are the unique content. Why not regularly share your world with social media such as Snapchat, or Instagram, or Facebook Live? For example you can document moving into a new apartment or your weight loss. Next, let's look at building your personal brand using different platforms.

Snapchat offers unpolished reality and a real test of your branding abilities

Back in 2015, the music producer DJ Khaled got lost, in the dark, on a jet ski. Attempting to get home in the dark, he snapchatted his disorientating ordeal until finally reaching shore and safety. This caused his personal brand to explode on social media. The reason for this is because he was authentic. He didn't overthink things or add too much or seek a perfect shot he was just himself. Snapchat offers an authentic peek into a person's life.

This can prove a little tricky for those trying to market themselves using this platform but if you already present on other platforms, Snapchat offers a great opportunity to show a more human side. There's another reason Snapchat is tough, and why it's such a great training ground for marketers. with no hashtags and no sharing, Snapchat offers no discoverability. So to go big on Snapchat you really have to be offering value.

Twitter is a great place to get noticed with a specific target audience

Back in the day, the water cooler was the place to catch up on the latest gossip about news or hit TV shows. Now, people chew the fat on Twitter, and the conversation is taking place 24/7, with input from every corner of the globe. but when you think about it Twitter offers more than just chatter it's also a great platform for getting noticed here's why I say that. First, on Twitter, you have more chances to spark word-of-mouth: no one posts 50 times a day on Instagram, but on Twitter 50 times? Totally fine.

Second, the retweet function is an incredible way to generate awareness. Imagine you've made a video that matches up to all the songs from your favorite artist. that artist probably would never see your work even if you tagged him. but share it on Twitter, and if it's good, it just might get retweeted until that artist notices.

Twitter is also an easy way to build your profile for a particular Market. It helps you reach out to your target audience. Here's an example of how that can be. Imagine you aspired to be a sportscaster, you check out the latest topics on Sports and you start tweeting. using the right hashtags so anyone can search the topic that you're tweeting about. you even chimed in on conversations, reply to some big influencer and ask if they want to check out your blog.

Well, one day nothing happens but after a couple of weeks, a journalist may reach out to you every and retweet you. After some time of doing this on a daily basis, your local sports station may reach out to you to see if you like to come in for a chat and a possible job. Being a hit on Twitter takes a heck of a lot of work but if you put in those hours you'll see the door open for you.

YouTube is the best platform for creating wealth and opportunity

Sadistic shows that young adults watch more videos on YouTube than on TV or other streaming services. In fact, when you really think about it, it is extremely easy to get on YouTube and watch your favorite shows or videos, then it is to find a TV and look up your favorite programs. However, many people buy to hold back from YouTube because they may think, "I'm no expert, and besides I'm not that interesting! "

First, remember documenting is as interesting as creating; you don't need to be an expert in a field to create a video log about a certain niche. Second, however, if your niche is interesting, they'll find an audience on YouTube. The best way to get started on YouTube is simply to do it. If your videos are great so what! nobody is watching them start with apart from maybe your mother. Still get better with time if they don't and you never attract viewers. Hey at least you've learned it's not for you and you can try something else and on the flip side really great content usually cuts through.

Facebook still combines clever distribution with Innovation to make it the single most important Channel

Really truly speaking a lot of people criticize Facebook saying it's where Baby Boomer’s share photos of their grand kids and they young people aren't there anymore. Well reality, Facebook is still the biggest show in town. Statistically, 2 billion users are active on it monthly. From a business perspective, Facebook's great Advantage is its flexibility for both content and distribution.

Facebook offers a versatility that no other platform can. Want to pump out a 12 paragraph blog entry? that'll work! ten-second video? Sure. 20-minute video? No problem. Some simple photos? Get them up there!

Any offers incredibly Rich targeting. Want to Target people between the ages of 18 and 25 years old who live in downtown California and are interested in skateboarding? No problem. Spend $12 and several thousand of them could see your post of a cool skate t-shirt that you designed. So that's all great but can you do anything really Innovative on Facebook? Sure with Facebook live. Live lets you broadcast in real-time to your followers, take questions, and get instant reactions.

Instagram is more important than ever, with a mix of content and great discoverability

People usually don't complain when there's too much Beauty. But this was actually an issue for Instagram until the site launched its stories function, where people can post spontaneous photos and short videos, knowing that they'll only be up for today. Now Instagram doesn't suffer from being too polished; it has a perfect mix of curated and ephemeral content. Instagram stories are now hugely popular, and Savvy users are employing it to show a little behind the scenes personality.

With this new feature, Instagram is a more balanced platform and in my opinion, the reason why it's thriving. What's even more important is that Instagram offers some super simple ways to do business development.

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