Two Things You Can Do Right Now To Improve The Results In Your Life

In our business life, we strive to be successful, in fact, I would be as bold as to say that no one who wants to improve their lives wakes up says “I think I will just do the bare minimum”. However, wanting to improve our lives and know what to do are to different things. So what do we have to do to have massively improved our lives on a professional level?

Here are two principles that you can begin to implement that will yield fantastic results. The first one is to take massive action, and the second is to never settle for average. Let us look at the first principle.

How do you take massive action today?

When we look at people in history that are known for taking action, we all find the same thing in common they think BIG! To be a person that thinks big it must be understood that it requires the person to take responsibility for his actions, also adopting a high-accountability perspective. The reason for this is because it is a very difficult action to take place if there is no momentum, and you cannot have momentum without someone taking the first step. That someone needs to be you!

When you begin to adopt this mindset blaming others for things that will happen only limits your success; which amounts to wasted energy. So when things go wrong (which will happen from time-to-time) you will take accountability even if its not directly your fault. Here is the logic behind this thought. If you take responsibility for a mistake; you will be better to prepare and ensure that the same mistake will not happen again.

On the other hand, if you shift the blame to others and never take accountability there is no learning, this means that you are subject to making the same mistake again. Here is an example: if the electricity goes out in the neighborhood and it brings about a negative effect, taking responsibility and being determined to prevent the situation will motivate you to be prepared in the future. Perhaps by buying a generator.

Taking accountability for things outside your control means understanding that even when things go wrong, you can control something in every situation even if it’s just your perspective. So stop playing the victim and begin to take responsibility for your life and forget the excuses.

So when faced with an obstacle, according to Grant Cardone’s “The 10X Rule” you have four options:

  • Take no action

  • Retreat

  • Take enough action

  • Take extraordinary action

It is the last of these actions that will produce massive results and the key to success. It may seem unlikely but this option has been instilled in us since childhood. I say this because when children are confronted with a problem they attack the problem headfirst. They don’t pause to think of the consequences like adults do.

When your mindset is focused on addressing problems head-on you will find that you are taking more action which will produce more momentum, this will lead to more results. Also, keep in mind that most people who are critics may try to minimize your results, but keep your goals in mind and keep moving forward. Look at it this way, if people are talking about you that means that people are noticing, so must be doing something right.

Don’t settle for average

When we think of the word average the notion of being comfortable or just simply being good enough may come to mind. However, take care to not think of yourself as just average. Sometimes it is easy to fall into this mode of thinking. Working an average amount of hours, making an average amount of money, and doing many things that are considered average.

This way of thinking can be dangerous, how so? Well according to the book “The 10X Rule” working an average job will lead to failure, but how you may ask? well, when the American economy shifts toward technology, those working average jobs become susceptible to market job changes, this can have devastating consequences.

However, when it comes to the 10X rule, you should not accept average in any area of your life. Accepting an average bank account can lead to financial ruin if you are not prepared for an event that you can not afford. Don’t fall into the trap of believing that average is good enough.

The mindset that an average income is okay, or the thinking that as long as my bills are paid in good; is extremely dangerous. Understanding that being a middle-class worker is like walking a tight-rope while balancing multiple things at once is a precarious situation is the first step. So many people with the mindset of average are okay as long as the bills get paid, tend to do the bare minimum as long as that minimum pays the bills. So they spend their time watching TV or scrolling social media because they are comfortable in the lives that they live in.

Here is the dilemma, the cost of living will always go up NEVER down, and just doing the bare minimum will never get you are of the squeeze that a middle-class worker feels in this predicament. A better approach would be to set your sights on high results and break away from just being average.

If you would like more information on Grant Cardone’s “The 10X Rule” you can buy your copy here on amazon. Also, if you would like a free consultation on services design to take your results from average to great please contact me here.

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